Women's wooden watch Classic 38

The Classic 38 mm model is a timeless wooden watch. We have combined the Japanese mechanism, leather strap and wood so that you can enjoy the beauty and reliability every time you check the time.

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85.00 €

Each wood watch is unique because each piece of wood is different, but thanks to long-term professional processing we can present you a unique timer - created from passion for wood and nature.

All wooden watches undergo a 20-day impregnation with proprietary blends of oils and waxes, thanks to which wood will retain its charm for many years.

CASE: Maple

FACE: Plane-tree

CASE SIZE: 38 mm

MECHANIZM: Quartz Citizen

GLASS: Mineral hardened

BELT: Natural matte leather 18 mm

WEIGHT: 25 grams


Maple Jawor - (acer pseudoplatanus)

Light wood with a slightly beige color. After treatment, extremely pleasant to the touch. The Jawor wood has an optimal hardness for making watch envelopes. No pores and light color is the unquestionable advantage of this wood.

Naturally, it occurs in the central and northern Europe of the Caucasus.

It reaches 40 meters in height.