Claim Form - Exchange goods

Dear Client, please note that you are a unique customer for us. Your claim will be settled as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and we hope you will be satisfied.

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  • The goods can be exchanged within 14 days of delivery. The required status of the returned products is indicated in the withdrawal.
  • If you want to exchange purchased goods for other goods, it is necessary to make an online reservation.
  • To make a reservation:

                    1. Make an order with the required goods.

                   2. In the comment of the order insert the following note: "reservation to the order (state the                          order number - variable symbol from which you exchange the goods)",

                    3. You do not pay the postage - if postage is included in the online reservation, we will                                  modify the reservation.

  • You will receive an invoice for the new goods in the full price of the goods. 
  • In case of arrears, you will pay this when you receive the exchange. The excess will be refunded to you.
  • When replacing the same product model for another size, pricing is applied at the time the original order is placed. If there is a change in the price of the goods, the price difference will not be charged as an outstanding balance or refunded as an over payment.
  • If you are interested in purchasing the goods at the current price, you must return the original goods with a refund request and create a new order.

1. Within 14 days you can change your size or colour of clothes undamaged, unworn and packed in the original packaging to the address: MSA-LUX, S.à r.l.-S,72, rue Adolphe Fischer, L-1520 Luxembourg.

2. With the form you reserve your clothes you want to change. The procedure is exactly the same as for an order, only for Shipping check the button: Reservation of goods, only applies to the exchange of goods and with payment you check the button Reservation of goods, valid only for the exchange of goods too. 

3. Please fill in the form and send to us via our website (we can help to save paper).

Claim Form:

4. We will inform you of the receipt and handling of your claim as soon as possible via e-mail.

5. New clothes we will send you from 2 - 10 days. Delivery of new goods is free.

Of course, customer satisfaction is important to us, so exchange goods will be made as soon as possible.

Send the shipment to

MSA-LUX, S.à r.l.-S

72, rue Adolphe Fischer

L-1520 Luxembourg